Day 0 – Preparations for the Trip


Well, here I am in front of my things. Constantly asking if I’ve forgotten something important. Camilla is in the basement all ready wrapped for air-transport save in a bicycle box. In a few hours I will be picked up by a friend who has a big car for the bike and my luggage. Everything is going as planned – but I have stange feelings at the moment. On the one hand feelings of anticipation, on the other also anxiety and fear.

Besides the extrem amount of testosterone, BA Baracus aka Mr. T. of the A-team and me have one other thing in common: Quite a fear of flying! I will first step on a plane without a loved one and who ever had the dubious pleasure of making a roller coaster ride with me, you can imagine about what could happen to me.

I am so excited and will not be able to sleep. Maybe I can snooze a little in the plane before I throw myself into the chaos of Heathrow Airport, London. With the beginning oft the Olympic Games I heard this morning in Germany radio that there are currently 5 times as many visitors who pass the airport.

From 7am I was on my legs – running from one to another. I got up and went straight to the preparation of my Oudoor pesto varieties (Arugula and Red), then i went to pack, lead the last phone calls, visiting my parents, pick up the Bike4Rights flag, got myself two Maps of the german Automobile Club, got myself overseas health cover,  experienced that the sponsorship with my local Bikestore has died (because the store will be out of business in a few days) and to fill up my travel kit.


Then I wanted to check CouchSurfing and BAM! the server was offline. Well, let’s see when I will get a shower. :-(

Somehow this is going to work, but I have a stomach ache. Music is always a good thing to take your mind off things. I can relax or it can encourage me.

I’ll try to show my mood with my personal SONG OF THE DAY.

Today I choose “Das zu wissen” by the german group Jupiter Jones.

I am so scared that everything goes wrong, afraid of loneliness, etc.

But no, fuck that “Hello afraid – you ASSHOLE”, you can screw yourself!

This is my journey and this is my vacation and it will be great!

The journey begins in a few hours…

Song of the Day: “Das zu wissen” by Jupiter Jones

Trip distance: 0 Km

Net Time: 0:00

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