Camilla – My Bike

A Touring Bike?! No, you don’t need a Touring Bike!

All you need is a bike you can trust! Nothing else

…..and always use oil. It will feel like you ride a new one!

-Danish cyclist on my concern that I cycle a mountain bike.

Yep! It’s a mountain bike. Though Id like to point out that I didn’t pick this type of bike cause I’m a masochist – cause I’m not. It was more due to the fact that I wanted to start cycling down the trails of the Harburger Berge with a proper mountain bike – the lack of financial resources kinda determined the rest.

So with the power of mind, Im gonna use my MTB as a … bike….and I have faith in it!

I was a bit sceptical to say the least when I first bought the MTB. Not due to the gears, impellers etc. (Im not exactly an expert) – no, because of the color! White?!?

For some reason, I have the tendency to name the bike I ride, but what name do you pick for the white little sister of my former bike whose name was „Dagmar“?

Whitey or White Beauty seemed a little too simplistic in this case. Coincidentally (or maybe not overly so, if I think about it), the perfect name came to my mind while watching my favourite muppet show movie on tv. The choice was made! The perfect name would be: Camilla – the name of Gonzo’s chick! To have the perfect – yet kinda quiet – companion for this trip, I bought a little stuffed animal version of Camilla. Along with a flag of my soccer team (a black flag with a skull – kinda like a pirate flag if you want) my outfit for the trip was complete.

But let’s not get into these kind of shenanigans but go straight to the important high tech equipment! My first trip was a bit into the blue – I wasn’t even sure where to get some sleep or when respectively where Id have access to electricity in order to charge my phone, mp3 player etc. What to do? Solar energy? Let’s be real here for a sec – solar energy in Scandinavia?! So I decided to invest in some E-WERK and use my own muscle power (converted into electricity) to charge my devices!

Another constant (yet digital) companion on my trip is the good old and reliable Navi Garmin eTrex Vista Thc. By now I also have saved a little money to buy some nice Ortlieb cycle bags to avoid the empirically proven to be uncomfortable feeling of riding your bike in wet undies!

So: long live Camilla!


  1. Madeleine says:

    Ich bin schon sooooo aufgeregt! :-) )) Ich liebe Deine lebendigen Kommentare :-)

  2. Ulrike says:

    Bitte grüß Island von mir…..

  3. Nina says:

    GO CAMILLA! You can do it!
    Hehehe ich freue mich mit dir und bin schon gespannt auf News!
    Laß es krachen!

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